Many employees do not have regular contact with children or vulnerable adults, but benefit from a basic understanding of the principles of safeguarding for both of these groups.

This course looks at these key principles in a short, engaging e-learning course, giving employees confidence that they understand the basics of safeguarding required for their role.

Please note that people whose job routinely includes direct work with children or vulnerable adults should have in-depth training in safeguarding - please refer to our Level 1 and Level 2 safeguarding courses.

The course is split into four modules and will take approximately one hour to complete:

  • Recognising the signs of child abuse
  • Your role in reporting and preventing child abuse
  • Recognising the signs of adult abuse
  • Your role in reporting and preventing adult abuse

Upon successful completion of this course you will be automatically awarded a certificate containing the course name, completion date, CPD hours and learning objectives.

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