Please note - this course now forms part of our Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery course.

Sadly human trafficking is proving to be an increasing problem in the UK. In fact those subjected to modern slavery is far more wide spread than you might imagine.

Me Learning’s brand new course on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking tackles issues surrounding this illegal trade and is especially relevant for professionals who work with children, young people or adults who might have been trafficked.

Created in conjunction with The Modern Slavery Act 2015 the course allows learners to gain a clearer understanding of the scope of the problem, the relevant national and international laws and the specific ways in which people are recruited, coerced and exploited by the traffickers.

In this 30 minute course, find out:

  • What modern slavery is
  • Some of the key pieces of legislation dealing with modern slavery
  • The main ways in which victims are exploited
  • The differences between human trafficking and migrant smuggling
  • Why it is so hard for a victim to escape
  • Who the traffickers are

Those who will find it particularly useful are: social workers, British Universities, health care workers, catering in hospitals, schools and colleges, those who work with children, such as teachers or care workers and those in affected industries, such as agriculture or construction.

If you could benefit from this course, find out more here.

Customer feedback - what we are hearing about this course:

“The coverage of real cases really helped me to see how this happens.”

“A great introduction and overview to the subjects.”