Whether you’re unlucky enough to face daily doses of morning sickness or you’re blooming and about to start your maternity leave, enjoying work whilst pregnant (or as a new mum) is key for your overall well-being.

Whilst pregnancy is most certainly not an illness, your growing bump needs to be taken care of - so making sure you’re happy, smiley and in good health is essential during your pregnancy. And that applies to time spent at the workplace, too!

So, how do you ensure you’re staying healthy and happy at work during pregnancy? These are our five must-read tips for pregnant and new mothers in the workplace:

Share the news

Whether you share the news in confidence to your line manager or announce it to the whole office, the sooner the business knows the good news, the sooner they can ensure your needs are met. You might need your workload adjusting or to be moved onto flexitime to ease your commute, so the earlier colleagues are aware of your pregnancy the more they can help.

Look after the both of you

With a little one growing inside, its vital you take care of yourself. Eat well, take that lunch break and make sure you’re fully hydrated whilst at work. Don’t overdo it on the lattes and instead, enjoy some delicious fruity teas to keep you focused.


It’s easy to get restless in the evenings, but this is the part of the day for serious ‘me time’ – you need plenty of rest and recuperation. If you’re keeping yourself well rested, work will be just that bit easier. Get that shut eye when you can!


If you’ve just welcomed your little one into the world, you’re likely to be seriously tired until you’re settled into the new routine. Don’t think you’ve escaped, because you haven’t given birth yet - , you may well get ‘pregnancy brain’! So, how do you stay focused and make sure nothing slips through the gaps? Get list happy – the busier you are, the harder it is to remember all those tasks, so make sure you write them down!


The most important of them all. Keep your good humour. You will have difficult days and downright awful days, but you’re about to experience the most beautiful moment any human being can. You’re bringing a child into this world, and nothing gets better than that. Smile.

And finally, be prepared. Do your research, certainly before you take maternity leave. Businesses should make sure that you are well looked after while you are working with a new baby or with a bump.

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