To make managing ongoing training even easier, we are delighted to announce a valuable new addition to the Blue LMS toolbox; re-enrolments.

For administering refresher training, or for assigning courses after a set period of time, re-enrolments will make your life easier.


Managing and reporting on learning for compliance across your organisation has been simplified.

You can now re-enrol learners onto courses on which they have been previously enrolled or have completed, on dates of your choosing. For example, if you have a health and safety course which must be completed annually, you can now re-enrol learners onto the course to be repeated as often as necessary.

Blue LMS’ extensive reporting suite keeps you informed on who needs training and when, forming a powerful combination with re-enrolments to ensure training can be assigned exactly where and when it is required.

Learners can be re-enrolled onto a previously completed course, or a different course (e.g. the second part of a multi-level course). This means you can design multi-tiered programmes of learning, or ensure regular refresher training is undertaken by those who need it.

Flexible and precise training administration

Re-enrolment can be selected based on either a previous enrolment date, or course completion date, allowing for precise management of learning for compliance. Learners will keep all previous course completions in their history, and have access to certificates earned so their portfolio of training is enriched and developed over time.


For more information about re-enrolments, or to speak to a member of our team, drop us an email.