According to the latest statistics from the Government Statistical Survey - provided through the Health and Safety Executive - in 2016 the UK had 1.3 million working people suffering with work related illnesses. During that time frame 137 workers were killed at work and 621,000 sustained injuries (Labour Force Survey).


Health and safety at work is a serious matter – and ever since the Health and Safety Work Act was passed in 1974, employers have had to take the issue very seriously... and they do. There is a legal obligation that employees are protected in the workplace and it is imperative that this is adhered to. But where do you start? Different jobs require different levels of health and safety oversight – for instance, building sites (where you are responsible not only for your own wellbeing, but for those around you), will require a more comprehensive health and safety policy than an office environment.

A screwdriver falling off a table probably won’t hurt anyone, but falling off scaffold four floors high could kill a pedestrian. Risk assessments allow managers to dynamically monitor potential risks and ensures they are avoided appropriately. They take time, should be completed mindfully and implemented with absolutely clarity. The first step for any employer considering the impact of health and safety is to understand the legal requirements and apply this to potential risks in their own workplace.

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