Last week the nation marked National Stress Awareness Day, with many wondering 'is stress becoming a serious cause for concern?'

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Why are the Brits so stressed and what should we be doing to make life easier for ourselves? This year's statistic - one third of the population are stressed at work.

As technology takes over and workers find it harder and harder to switch off out of hours, the stress is definitely taking its toll.

Metro covered the issue perfectly in a piece this summer.

But what, exactly, are the main causes of stress in the workplace? A recent Zing report highlighted the following as the primary areas of concern when it comes to feeling stressed at work.

  1. Lack of Control
  2. Lack of Communication
  3. No Appreciation
  4. No feedback – good or bad
  5. Career and job ambiguity
  6. Unclear policies and no sense of direction
  7. Mistrust, unfairness and office politics
  8. Pervasive uncertainty
  9. Random interruptions
  10. Workload – too little or too much

Sound familiar? Management style is critical to the environment created for a team at work and generally the happier the employees, the better the results. But if you are feeling the strain, what can you do?

Me Learning offers a comprehensive, CPD accredited e-learning course titled ‘Stress in the Workplace’.This engaging digital course explains the sources of stress and our body’s responses to it - emotional, behavioural and physical – and equips you with strategies for how to manage stress at work.

Furthermore, you’ll look in detail at how stress is covered in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as well as the HSE’s risk assessments and management standards. And you’ll also get tips for minimising stress at home and how to deal with stress at work.

Although work-related stress can be experienced by anyone in any industry, studies have shown that people such as healthcare workers, teaching professionals, those in the media and public service personnel suffer from higher levels of workplace stress. So, in the name of National Stress Awareness Day, why not book yourself onto a course today?

Click her for more information on our Stress in the Workplace course.

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