This month, our Managing Conflict (Children’s Workforce) and Managing Conflict (Adults Workforce) e-learning courses will be replaced with a single new course called Handling Violence and Aggression at Work – which is relevant to both children's and adults workforce.

This change will also affect our course bundle entitled Children’s Workforce Induction as it contains the affected Managing Conflict (Children’s Workforce)course.

These courses are being updated to HTML5 standard from their existing Flash platform.

The content has also been modernised, updated and improved to ensure everyone receives the same guidance.

The learning objectives for this new course are:

  • The scope of work-related violence
  • The responsibilities of the employer
  • What factors put workers at increased risk
  • What causes people to become violent
  • How to spot the signs of potential violence
  • How to avoid provoking violence
  • The best ways to defuse a potentially violent person or situation
  • How to respond to a physical attack
  • How to tackle phone and cyber-rage