This month we've made a number of improvements to our e-learning courses, with updated and modernised course content ensuring that your learning experience is the best it can be.

Our “Manual Handling – Health, Education and Social Care” course has been replaced by a generic “Manual Handling” e-learning course, as well as having content modernised and updated. Read more.

Our "Information Governance" course bundle has been updated, with updates to the Information Security course contained within, bringing it in line with increased cyber security threats. It also includes a new module titled "Data Protection Law, Definitions and Principles", which replaces our outgoing "Data Protection Act 1998" e-learning course. Read more.

Our "Data Protection Act 1998" course has now been superseded by a new, updated course titled "Data Protection Law, Definitions and Principles". This course reflects how data protection law is changing ahead of the implementation of GDPR. Read more.